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Julie Sanford

Don’t Feed the Trolls!

Medium/Materials: Brass, Copper, Silver

Dimensions:  3-2.5x1


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Trolls are out there. We’ve all come across them at one time or another. They’re not always the obvious nuisances chiming in on social media; sometimes they’re lurking in our studios, in our sketchbooks and in our heads. They whisper, they taunt, they lie and they can deflate our capacity to create wonderful things. Don’t let them. Don’t give them a voice, your time, or your attention. Don’t listen, comment or let them occupy space in your head. Look at them as the funny little creatures they are, and carry on with joyful, creative abandon. Moving parts include: Spinning anvil on the stump and a hidden troll peeks out with a turn of the lever. For the challenge I used all, or part, of kit components except: The fine chains, round silver beads, copper washer and the small brass washer.  My found object is the cast silver troll doll.