John Lunn 

The Three Fates

Medium/Materials:  silver and copper mokume metal, sterling silver

Photographer: John Lunn

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Artist Statement: 

The link is a powerful icon. It connects people, time, events and ideas. In trying to encompass several concepts about links into this project, I started from my most comfortable base - as a storyteller. As a novelist, I tell stories in words, as a musician I weave stories in melody and, as a silversmith I hammer stories into the metal itself. In my flutemaking, I can combine all three, but with jewelry, it lacks the musical component.


The story I decided tell on this piece is the deceptively simple ancient Greek tale of the three fates [d1]. These icons are three women who determine all destiny. The first, Clotho, spins the yarn of life; the second, Lechesis measures out how long we live; and Atropos cuts the cord. This cycle represents the links between past to present to future.