Jessica Todd


Medium/Materials: Sterling silver, copper, brass, found glass, charcoal and graphite shavings, spray paint

Dimensions:  4 x 4 x 1 inches

Photographer: Jessica Todd

Artist Statement: 

When designing my brooch I wanted the kinetic aspect and found object element to play off of one another and become the focal point and central concept. The two discs, assembled with found glass and set on ball bearings, spin, causing the charcoal and graphite shavings to fall and pile up, upset by the painted brass ring inside. Over time, a visual record of the piece’s movement is traced onto the white background. This movement is emphasized in the repeating concentric circles throughout the piece, inspired by the many circular shapes included in the design kit. Working in matte silver and painting the non-silver elements white, the focus is on the shapes and the movement; the tenuous lines of the graphite drawing, wire relief, and outside border; and the two geometric forms connected by a collection of chains.