Jennifer Lee Hallsey

A Random Selection From 1018 Words

Medium/Materials: Sterling silver, fine silver, brass, copper, thread, found pushpin, shredded artist statements

Dimensions:  3.5 x 3.0625 x 1.6875 inches (including thread, which shifts a bit)

Photographer: Photo: Seung Jeon Paik. Video: Seung Jeon Paik & Shuoyuan Bai

Artist Statement: 

I am open to new directions and let the process dictate which direction to go. It is never preordained. I am captivated by what is lost, what is gained, and what changes with every development. My work is not simply a re-presentation of something already in place. The form is no longer the object(s) presented, but is instead the relationships between each step.

“A random selection from 1018 words”, brooch, 2016, is the combination of found object, bench scrap, printed text about my previous work (artist statements), and material provided from a purchased kit. Artist statements can be superfluous and an unnecessary evil. So I stuffed them inside. Specifications, checklists, and requirements for applications, grants, and scholarships are tedious and time-consuming. So I stuffed them inside. Through my work I create situations in which objects are altered or detached from their usual function. By altering environments and through manipulation, new functions and contexts are created. My work is an invitation for the viewer to make new associations and enter into dialogue.

When discussing the function of jewelry, jewelry should not only be assessed aesthetically as object. It should be considered in terms of the relationships it establishes through these encounters.