Gabrielle Gould

Spring Garden View

Medium/Materials: Copper, brass, sterling, shells, feathers

Dimensions:  4 x 4 x 1 inches

Photographer: Gabrielle Gould

Artist Statement: 

My Kinetic design encompasses two main pieces: the Banded Moth pin and the Walking Stick pin. The Banded Moth has movable, hinged wings which are ornamented with the various parts of the Halstead Kit. The Walking Stick’s six legs are each articulated and the pin itself is a Locket that opens to reveal a small jewel, a bracelet. Though both pins can be worn individually, the two pieces may connect by way of an attachable chain. This connection creates the whole “garden” view as the chain carries natural found objects of shells and feathers, things which may be found in a garden in the South.

The design uses solely the Halstead Kit except for small eyes, tubing for the hinges, pin backs and incidentals. Enamel paint was used for the color.