Felicia Szorad

Pink Seeded

Medium/Materials: Sterling silver, steel, felted wool, cast resin, cotton, glass beads.

Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 2 inches

Year: 2016

Artist Statement: 

The process of making my jewelry is one of experimentation and play. I often begin not with finished designs, but with a collection of metal parts that will become designs. I spend days (sometimes months or even years) forming, fabricating, or enameling seemingly random parts before arranging these elements into three-dimensional drawings. Fascinated by duality and the juxtaposition of contrasting qualities, my compositions are often arrangements of disparate elements. They are relationships of light to dark, flat to full, finely sanded to aggressively folded, vibrant glass to soft, matte wool.

Conceptually, my work is autobiographical, though the imagery I employ is abstract and may not be recognizable to most. I am satisfied with this ambiguity, the works are a personal narrative for specific aspects of my life, but that narrative need not be fully understood to contemplate or appreciate the works individually or as a whole. I employ a visual shorthand where shapes, colors, processes, materials, or physical orientations in space represent different people, experiences, or emotions. My children, my journey to my children, and my experiences with my children, who share a biology and history distinct from my own, have predominated the narrative of my work most recently.

Artist Biography:

Felicia Szorad earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Bowling Green State University in 1994 and a Master of Fine Arts degree from East Carolina University in 1998. She is a Professor of Art and head of the Jewelry and Metals program at Eastern Kentucky University located in Richmond, Kentucky. Her creative work is exhibited nationally and has been published in Metalsmith, The Art of Enameling, and 500 Enameled Objects. She has taught numerous workshops at a variety of craft centers and university art programs. She is the recipient of a Kentucky Foundation for Women artist enrichment grant, a Kentucky Arts Council professional development grant, a Chenven Foundation grant, and an Al Smith Fellowship.

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