Faye Simmonds

YT-1300 LF

Medium/Materials: Sterling silver, bronze, plastic

Dimensions:  3 x 3 x .75 inches

Photographer: Faye Simmonds

Artist Statement: 

Faye Simmonds earlier work is based off of playful kinetic movement that utilizes adornment as a physical icebreaker between wearer and surrounding persons. Connected by multiple chains, this double brooch takes on a unique regal aesthetic using the found object, a darkened plastic toyspace ship, as inspiration for its badge like form. While wearing this brooch the wearer is able to rearrange the two components and change the day to day appearance allowing a sense of play for the wearer. The kinetic movement of the bright swinging bronze disc draws viewers in enabling further exploration to all of its hidden components and parts. The YT­1200lf is a bridge between modern jewelry and the continuation of using adornment as a lure for connectivity.