Erin Cora Turner

En Tremblant Cluster

Medium/Materials: Copper, sterling silver, brass, steel, resin, cement, pigment, enamel, fine silver, microhardware

Dimensions:  3.5 x 3.5 x 1 inches

Photographer: Erin Cora Turner

Artist Statement: 

My current body of work relates to the artistry and trade skills associated with my home region of Scranton, PA, and the gender roles associated with the each trade. Utilizing materials produced and used in the area (such as coal, lace, steel and cement), I combine elements of the decorative and industrial into wearable and sculptural objects.

The “En Tremblant Cluster” brooch for Halstead was designed with the idea to continue my work utilizing springs as a means to propel an object to life. The decorative elements are comprised of cement, pigment and resin, which are then attached via the copper pins and sheet provided. Sterling silver was used as a case for the springs to attach to the main housing. The cement pieces float above the housing and tremble when touched for several seconds. The piece is activated when the wearer moves, or (while displayed) the viewers walk near.