Elina Peduzzi

Foreign Affairs

Medium/Materials: Copper, brass, silver, patina, compass

Dimensions:  3 x 3 x .75 inches

Photographer: Elina Peduzzi

Artist Statement: 

Jewelry has been historically a subtle or sometimes direct way to send a message. Traditional jewelry was, and still is, synonymous with social status and most commonly, for example, an indicator of marital status. The vision of someone wearing a simple wedding ring can be a definitive behavior modifier. But also, sometimes, jewelry is related with politics. In this regard it is renowned for example the way that Madeleine Albright, the former US Secretary of the State, incorporated the use of wearable pins in her daily work as a diplomat according to her moods and political visions in specific situations. During her diplomatic career she collected hundreds of pins to wear, adding a complementary visual way to express her points of view and deliver a message. With a background in international relations, I like to address politics in my art practice. This brooch was inspired by the way Albright used jewelry as a diplomatic tool. I etched recognizable images related with foreign affairs that are part of a spinning wheel. The found object I incorporated is a compass, to make a comment on the importance to steer the right course in the world politics.