Ed Lay

Hand of the Maker

Medium/Materials: Silver, copper, brass, stainless steel, a plastic hand

Dimensions:  4 x 4 x .75 inches

Photographer: Ed Lay

Artist Statement: 

It all started with the image of a hand cranking a wheel. I knew I wanted to subvert the usual paradigm of kinetic jewelry which involves external forces (hands, wind, gravity) acting on the jewelry. I wanted to make it seem that the brooch was powering itself.

Consequently, the most visible component is a hand cranking a wheel that waves some flowers around. The actual motive force is a thumbwheel hidden in the back of the brooch.

The found object is the hand itself, sourced from the right hand of a Barbie™. For the rest of the project, I tried to limit myself to the materials found in the kit. I was able to do so with 3 exceptions: An extra copper plate was used for the main structure because the provided plate was not wide enough, approximately 4 additional inches of the 16 gauge copper wire and ."; stainless steel wire was used for the pin mechanism.