Deborah Vivas

Childhood Memories

Medium/Materials: Silver, copper, brass, jet

Dimensions:  4 x 3 x .2 inches

Photographer: Deborah Vivas

Artist Statement: 

The “Childhood Memories” brooch is inspired by early childhood toys focusing in the interactions between movement and sound.

Through our childhood we are often given a range of toys to develop our physical and mental abilities; as adults we are often overwhelmed by over using these learned abilities in our day to day life; either at work or at home, we are constantly challenged mentally and physically.

The purpose of this brooch is to take you back to the time when we started understanding simple movements, counting and sounds; creating a moment of contemplation and play in our daily life.

Two found objects are showcased in this piece, the first a small bell, which I assume it once belonged to a cat, as it came attached to a small collar with no name. The sound reminds me of a baby rattle, what does it remind you? The second a jet hand which is often used in some cultures as an amulet given to babies to protect them from sickness and evil spirits. Having found several of these amulets throughout my life, I must be very well protected.