Dawn M. Miller


Medium/Materials: Copper, sterling silver, sapphires, onyx, hematites

Dimensions:  4'' x 3''


Artist Statement: 

My artwork is riddled with symbolism and hidden meanings all while serving a purpose. Every motif or series holds a universal expression, and it must tell the reader a story while serving a function. The majority of my influences stem from ancient cultures that were not only connected to nature, but who also took pride in their craftsmanship. They knew something most contemporary humans do not, quality not quantity. Life it seems, was much simpler then. Mass production was not a factor, and at the time, jewelry items were created using traditional methods. All items of adornment revolved around realities, legends, and myths. By creating superstitions around these fabrications, they would transform wearable items into psychological entities. Their jewelry and clothing affected their thought patterns and behavior, as well as their rituals. My passion is to merge and integrate these old meanings with our modern time. I have made it my mission to research an ancient spirituality that has been lost to most of us for a long time... By valuing modesty and kindness, I have devoted myself to society by using my art as an influence. It is my hope to create a sort of revolution; that one day my work may pull every one of us down to Earth. I feel the further we stray from nature; the more our civilization will crumble as we strive for something to believe in. Within these fallen crumbs lies a message; one may doubt a higher power, but energy will always exist.