Charles Pinckney 


Medium/Materials:  Titanium, sterling, freshwater pearls, jasper

Dimensions: 2.75'' x 1.75'' x 1.75''

Photographer:  K. Hamrick


Artist Statement: 

I am primarily self-taught as an artist, beginning around the age of eight or nine when I began making tools that enabled me to carve wood and bone.  Many years later I wanted to learn how to work with metal and was fortunate to attend two summer workshops at Arrowmont.  I studied first with Eleanor Caldwell and second with Chuck Evans the following year.  Those summers at Arrowmont changed the direction of my life.  

Following the two-week workshop in 1983 with Chuck Evans, we reconnected again in 2002 after he had retired from teaching in Iowa and had moved to Georgia.  The impact of our friendship and what I received from Chuck will be with me forever.

When we are students, we are vibrant sponges absorbing influences, attitudes, ways of working and knowledge from our teachers.  We have the ability to decide what bits of information we will keep, what things will become part of our own set of skills and work ethic, and what bits will be relegated to the more general bin of information that we keep on mental file.  

In like manner, Chuck Evans absorbed skills, techniques and knowledge from his metal instructors Hans Christensen and Albert Paley and from the many notable artists with whom he worked throughout his career.  Thus, his lineage became part of my lineage, another 'Link' in the chain of my growth. Now, whenever I teach, aspects of that lineage are passed on to my students.

My work is very personal and I use it as a medium of expression.  That is how I work and that is what motivates me the most to design and fabricate metal jewelry and sculpture.