Bruce Cana Fox

Prototype for Kinetic Brooch, Beak and Claw

Medium/Materials: Silver, steel, copper, brass, Arduiono computer, Servo, actuator, battery, silver spoon

Dimensions:  4 x 6 x 1.75 inches

Photographer: Bruce Cana Fox

Artist Statement: 

This is a prototype for a smaller lighter weight brooch.  This piece is done with a silver and brass beak and opening mechanism, moved by a servo.  The claw part is formed out of sheet copper based on a crab claw found on the beach at the Point Reyes National Seashore.  The claw is moved by an actuator made by Firgelli in Canada.  The motion is controlled by an general purpose Arduino computer programmed in C.  The motion is triggered by a photocell mounted in the shell.  When the 9V battery is inserted the device turns on and takes an average light reading.  When the light changes by any appreciable amount it triggers one of 8 programs of motion.  

For production of the smaller device, the electronics will be packaged smaller with a single purpose processor and a stepper motor operating a plastic cam.  The cam will move both the beak and the claw.  This will significantly miniaturize the brooch.  

The decoration using the silver chain and beads from the kit is a depiction of a petroglyph seen in the Coso Mountains of Southern California.  The petroglyph shows clouds with lighting and rain that does not reach the ground.  This does happen in the desert, way too often, and the native americans hoping for relief must have been very disappointed, enough to pound their emotion onto solid rocks.

The clouds were cut from a silver spoon taken from my late mother’s stash, most likely from her mother, since they were never used as I was growing up and afterward.