Brandy Boyd

Journal in Mixed Metals IV

Medium/Materials: Driftwood, copper, silver, brass

Dimensions:  none specified

Photographer: Brandy Boyd

Artist Statement: 

This pin was created to not just have movement in the piece itself, but to also illustrate the movement required to create it.

Each of the fold formed pieces bear the marks of the hammers that shaped them. Patina is utilized to exaggerate these undulations in the metals. These marks are my "journal entries"; in the metal, each one created by the stirring of thought, the watchful eye of the maker, and the physical strike of the tools. They document the passage of time, each one requiring the time for the strike, the layers of marks building upon each other, recording the seconds, the minutes, the hours of creation. The found driftwood piece that is riveted in place behind the abacus element also invokes the spirit of movement- its edges are worn smooth by its journey on the water.

The captive brass "fidget"; ring, the abacus element and the dangling pieces- one by a stiff connection with limited side-to- side movement and one with a free connection via chain - all display subtle movement as the pin is worn from the double-pin fabricated finding. The whole of the piece gives a subtle nod to military metals and ribbon racks. Varied reasons fuel this design choice. The two most driving of these are personal experience with the movement that comes with military service and physical and metaphysical movement on a grander scheme as our military expansions create a butterfly effect into our daily lives.