Andy Cooperman

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Medium/Materials: Sterling, 18k gold, diamond

Dimensions:  H x W x D units


Artist Statement: 

There is a deep furrow that runs vertically between my eyes. Some mistake it for consternation but it’s the mark, I know, of a life spent trying to puzzle things out.

Making is the biggest part of how I understand and process information, materials, form and fact. I really can’t say that I’m driven to make for any noble purpose: I make objects for different reasons and to differing degrees and the truth is that making is often a selfish and indulgent act. But I always try to make things well.

Sometimes, I simply have to make a piece: something has gotten stuck to my brain, become mired there and festeringly persistent. I need to react with it and I need to share that response in concrete form. Pieces can also be spontaneous, generated from a little doodle or an existing bit of bench flotsam that catches the light in a fresh way. (I’m an intuitive maker, after all.)  But other times the extraordinary comes from the unexpected, the re-sult of a false start or a failure that leads someplace new. I always leave room for that.

Whatever drives it, making is that sweet spot where curiosity, resonance and compulsion meet.