Ace McCasland

Joy Ride

Medium/Materials: Copper, brass, silver, found iron

Dimensions:  3.75 x 2.25 x 1.25 inches

Photographer: Ace McCasland

Artist Statement: 

If you listen closely, you can hear them whispering. You may think it is the leaves rustling, or the wind playing through the petals, but it is the flowers... the flowers are plotting their escape. They see a sunny spot on the other side of the garden, and that is where they want to be. Why should the seeds have all the fun, being able to float and fly and fling wherever they please? So a few brave flowers have gathered together a sturdy leaf, some objects for wheels, a few seedlings and seeds of their own, and they are off... off on a Joy Ride!

Found oxidized iron washers make up the rear tires; from the kit provided, some discs were used for the rear wheels, others were used for flowers, more flowers were created from the tiny silver beads, the brass blanks, and sheet metal; the copper sheet forms the escape leaf, brass sheet used for the front wheels; a length of silver chain with the smooth silver beads make up the pull chain, and excess scrap silver was melted to form rear wheel "hubcaps"; rivets were utilized in rear strut, and many other small details are made up from the kit.