Midnight on the Midway

Medium/Materials: Copper, brass, sterling silver, glass, washi paper, stainless steel, colored pencil

Dimensions: 2 x 2 x .625 inches

Photographer: John Lemieux Rose

Artist Statement: 

After Midnight on the Midway is an exploration of that which lurks on the fringes of our consciousness. It is an expression of the fear of that, which our rational mind tells us cannot be, just might. It is the anxiety that things may not be what they seem, and the reality that hides just behind the curtain is a nightmare beyond comprehension. 

For us, these themes have been closely connected to the small traveling rural carnivals of our childhood. These magic villages would appear overnight in vacant farm fields, at once luridly fascinating and vaguely dangerous. Automata in various forms were always part of the experience. 

What appeared exotic behind the veil of night fared worse in the morning light. The heavy wear and abuse these objects endured in life on the road was revealed. Everything was damaged goods, and one suspected this extended to the carnival people as well.

At night, under the seductive glow of the colored lights, the people, the automata offered a connection to another world. The only thing one was sure of was that nothing in this place was what it seemed.